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Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping), for “Hot Anger”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Most people don’t set out to be angry.  A button gets pushed and they’re gone. They don’t plan it.  It just happens.  All the good intentions in the world go by the wayside once they’re triggered.  Most often, it’s angry hurtful words.   In extreme cases it can result in physical assaults.

These seemingly uncontrolled responses seldom make the situation better.  So why do people who appear calm and rational other times have such sensitive “switches”?   The answer lies in the non-logical parts of our brains.  Just behind the forehead, lies the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our logical thoughts and planning.  Everything else behind that plays a reactive supporting role.   When we’re feeling calm, cool and collected, we have great blood flow to the logical brain.  It gets to largely stay in charge and works pretty well.  

As soon as we become stressed, blood flow begins to be diverted to the more primitive survival portions of the brain.  Now we’re in reactive mode.   Our body gets tense, hormones flood our system and we become combative as our central nervous system triggers the fight part of the basic fight/flight/freeze survival modes.  What determines these responses in reactive mode?  The subconscious mind.  

Q: What's the best way to get over a phobia of needles/injections?

A: During my years of working as an Integrative Therapist, I’ve found Emotional Freedom Techniques and Picture Tapping Techniques to be so painlessly effective for phobias including needles, that I provide a warranty.

Phobias are driven by subconscious programming from earlier in life; usually, although not always things experienced or overheard from infancy to age six. These techniques allow the conscious and subconscious mind to collaborate to figure out the "whole story". Determining if the overwhelming fear or aversion is really needed any more to be safe in this moment.

Instead of papering over the old programming, which is painful and slow, we’re re writing it. This can be done in person or via video/cam using the free and quite secure program zoom.

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Q: Why is EFT Slower On My Own?

Q: Re Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Picture Tapping Techniques (PTT):  When I’m in sessions with you, why do I progress so much more quickly and easily than when I do the same work on my own?

A: There are a number of reasons.

1) My many years in practice with a great deal of ongoing study in these fields. I’ve had time to hone the knowledge, abilities and instincts to effectively help you gently process and resolve each safe piece of trauma or subconscious belief that doesn’t work well for you.  

Q: As a therapist, what do you wish your clients knew?

A: That their current state is not their identity. It's not who they are. It's how they're feeling. No matter how long it’s been or how many things they’ve tried, there is a key for every lock. Sometimes it takes more than a few different tries to find it.

This is why I felt compelled to offer a warranty in my practice. So many in my long career have felt hopeless or been financially devastated by the search for answers that I felt morally bound to offer that sense of security. To support the courage to try one more time.

I wish not just my clients, but everybody knew that every part of us in intimately connected to every other part. Our minds, bodies, diet, physical activity, sleep habits, memories, family history and the stories we tell ourselves are all inextricably intertwined; even how our genes behave, known as gene expression. Aside from the highly effective Emotional Freedom tools I use to allow the conscious and subconscious minds to collaborate in figuring out the “rest of the story” one safe piece at a time, improving any other aspects of life will support and accelerate recovery and wholeness.

Simply going for a 30 minute stroll outdoors each day provides a surprising number of physical, mental and emotional advantages. There’s no need to be speed walking or going with the intent to “exercise”. Just the act of moving in the outdoors is free, safe and highly beneficial.

Research shows that taking a walk; seeing other people and being seen is beneficial to the deeply depressed; even if no word is spoken . Another study found that just the act of seeking something to be grateful for each day helped those with major depression. Even if they couldn't identify a single thing to be grateful for, the act of searching helped their mood. Likely by redirecting their focus.

Changing everything at once isn't practical for most people, but small incremental changes along with healing the traumas, fears and limiting subconscious beliefs can have profound effects.

I wish you all good physical, mental and emotional health.

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I’ve long recommended that clients with Celiac Disease or any other inflammatory bowel conditions make their own food from scratch so they have control over what goes into their bodies.   A recent study funded by the NIH and published in the February edition of the journal “Epidemiology” reinforces that suggestion.

Study says women’s mental sharpness begins to decline as early as age fifty

My problem with this fairly large study is that in many cases, women in their fifties and sixties who have come to me complaining of loss of short term memory and/or brain fog have reported significant improvement when using either of two sophisticated nutrient and anti-inflammatory protocols. In fact clients can claim back product costs from both companies if they fail to experience a powerful enough response.

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