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The Two Faces of Iron

Iron is an essential mineral for human development and day to day functioning. I t s the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells and is used by many other cellular processes. Recent research shows that children who are even moderately low in iron have increased difficulty with mathematics. This is one of the reasons why some girls develop difficulties with mathematics only after the onset of menarche (menstruation) . Low iron levels can also cause anemia with severe fatigue, brittle nails, frequent infect ions and behavioral challenges, slowed growth development and growth rate in children.

Shy Bladder Syndrome

Its estimated that about seven percent of the population suffers from Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) . This seemingly trivial inability to urinate when anyone might see or hear you can have a significant impact on quality of life and the longer it goes on, the more anxious people become and the more hyper reactive they become to any lack of privacy. Aside from the inconvenience, this can lead to some degree of social isolation as sufferers give up events for fear of not being able to go.

Osteo Arthritis. Not just wear and tear

Osteo Arthritis is typically considered to be a wear and tear condition, but as with most human biology, the truth is much more complex. This is good news. If outside factors trigger or exacerbate osteo arthritis, controlling for those factors can minimize symptoms and/or risk.

Not all calories are created equal

Being in the holistic health field, this is a little embarrassing. Like many, I need to watch what I eat to avoid becoming overweight and keep a general idea of how much I ve eaten each day in the back of my mind.

A few days ago I made the classic mistake of going to the grocery store while hungry. An excellent brand of ice cream was on special and on an impulse, I purchased a liter. Being a hot day and hungry, I d soon eaten it all. I rationalized that there were only 1200 calories in the entire container. An adult male needs about 2500 calories/ day and I take supplements such as Equilib, DigestPlus, Omega 3s and Astaxanthin, so I would eat less for the rest of the day and be OK. Right?

Loss of Short Term Memory?

Brain Fog?

Over the past decade Ive lost count of the number of forty something women who were complaining that their short term memory was going. They were developing brain fog, irritability and losing their physical stamina as well. One brilliant and accomplished woman who came to me felt she could power through the memory and irritability problems, but her loss of physical stamina was such that she was afraid she couldnt do her beloved bike tours anymore.

Coughing up my lungs

Its my own darn fault.

Ever since starting a sophisticated nutrient protocol over a decade ago, I almost never get sick-unlike my previous history. I get an itchy scratchy sore throat for a few days, then the bugs give up and go away. So when I had a funny tickle deep in my lungs for three days, I got cocky. I was tired of waiting and felt like getting some exercise; lots of exercise. I went and did sprints and walks to exhaust ion. Felt great, but a really bad idea. By doing this, I gave a truly nasty virus the green light and it seemed to be determined to relocate my lungs to somewhere outside my body.

New Hope For Dementia

Its currently expected that about half of the North American population will develop dementia as they age. Although regular vigorous mental and physical activity can delay and possibly halt onset , until recently there was little hope for those currently suffering. Most adults fear losing their mental faculties far more than they fear death, so any hope is exciting; particularly if its safe, inexpensive and non pharmaceutical.

Canker Sores?

Check your tooth paste.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a common ingredient in most toothpastes, hand soaps and shampoos. Its the same powerful degreaser used by mechanics to clean engine parts. Its cheap and foams up wonderfully, so people feel like they're really getting in there with the cleaning. The problem is, it s toxic, an irritant , its too effective at st ripping natural oils from the skin, and for those who are sensitive to it , can trigger frequent painful canker sores when used in toothpaste.

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