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Kids and praise

How to build them up without doing long term harm

Praise: We all want out kids to be happy and grow up to be secure well-adjusted adults. Naturally we tend to praise them for how talented, intelligent or pretty they are. Unfortunately, too much of this can have a very dark side with serious long term effects. The highly beneficial alternative is to praise them for how much effort they put into what they do. Long term follow-up studies show how functional intelligence goes up over time in the effort praise group and down in the intelligence and/or talent praise group.

Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Also showcased on The Dr. Oz Show recently for pain. Please see the websites listed at the bottom for further research and information on the iMRS, iSLRS and the general field of Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. Healthcare professionals who've chosen to use these tools in their practice have reported that it's been of enormous benefit to patients. Full training and ongoing support for this equipment are provided by myself. This is the equipment Professor Jerry Bobo M.D., Psychoneuroimmunologist, reported seeing such fascinating results with for depression and sleep (lecture for EMedicineU August 2010). See here for Dr. Carmichael's interview with me. The nutrient protocol referred to is the Equilib Protocol. Dr. Carmichael was the Medical Director of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine.

Protecting relationships & help for low libido

As a holistic practitioner and funded programs administrator for EvinceNatural’s Equilib Nutrient/Enzyme Protocol, I quickly discovered that many of my clients who initially came for physical or emotional pain and anxiety also were reporting problems with low libido or loss of sexual desire. As they reported responding to the Equilib Nutrient/Enzyme Protocol, many reported their libidos were recovering as well.

Treatment Resistant Iron Deficient Anemia

Over the past decade, Ive had a number of women with treatment resistant anemia report that their anemia went into remission while using the Equilib Nutrient Protocol. This has been more than a little puzzling, since the iron levels in Equilib are quite modest and they reported they hadnt responded to high doses of iron from their physicians.

Bullet Proof Your Back

Back pain:

Just about everybody suffers from the nagging to excruciating pain sometime in their lives; most often in the lower back. But why should this be so? Our bones and joints are there to give our bodies strength and leverage, but they re not really what hold us up. If you remove the muscle and ligaments, theres just a pile of loose bones which would never stay properly stacked. Its the marvelously intricate sets of opposing muscles throughout our bodies which keep things in line.

Vitamin D3 Dosing

Finally an explanation for the Institute of Medicine recommendations.

Vitamin D3 (not Vit D2) has been in the news a great deal lately, ever since the Cochrane meta analysis of vitamin D studies showed clearly that low blood levels were closely tied to increases in a broad range of health issues as well as increased mortality.

The Two Faces of Iron

Iron is an essential mineral for human development and day to day functioning. I t s the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells and is used by many other cellular processes. Recent research shows that children who are even moderately low in iron have increased difficulty with mathematics. This is one of the reasons why some girls develop difficulties with mathematics only after the onset of menarche (menstruation) . Low iron levels can also cause anemia with severe fatigue, brittle nails, frequent infect ions and behavioral challenges, slowed growth development and growth rate in children.

Shy Bladder Syndrome

Its estimated that about seven percent of the population suffers from Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) . This seemingly trivial inability to urinate when anyone might see or hear you can have a significant impact on quality of life and the longer it goes on, the more anxious people become and the more hyper reactive they become to any lack of privacy. Aside from the inconvenience, this can lead to some degree of social isolation as sufferers give up events for fear of not being able to go.

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