ADD, ADHD, difficulty focusing or staying on task? Canadian Neuroscience to the rescue.

As therapist, I see up close, the mental and emotional toll Covid 19 stress has taken. One of the well-known effects of elevated stress is a general reduction in how well the brain functions. Stress makes it harder to self motivate, learn, focus, stay on task, and make decisions. In addition, an estimated six percent of children and four percent of adults already had ADD or ADHD as of 2016. Covid 19 stress just amplifies the impact of these issues.

The disruptions in learning potential for students and productivity/wellbeing losses for those in the work force have been profound.

Fortunately, a decade of neuroscience research brought us a new technology just before Covid 19 reared its ugly head. At $65.00 per year or less, this powerfully effective technology is a practical investment for everyone. From starving students to executives and CEOs looking for a safe, non-drug edge on the competition. The technology embedded in neurocognitive enhancement sleeves is safe, non-invasive, comfortable, and carries a 30-day satisfaction warranty. Many children have already seen these sleeves on competitive gamers’ arms. With so much at stake during tournaments, gamers were eager early adopters of the technology.

The eSmartr neurocognitive sleeve is worn on the dominant forearm and is shown to have powerful beneficial effects on the brain’s functioning. The research from this Canadian company shows that: “The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology(tm) (CBT) pattern embedded inside every Sleeve activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neural response in the brain – resulting in scientifically proven amplified cognitive abilities. Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, accelerated reaction times, and an improved sense of clarity and calm.”

The sleeves come in a range of colours and styles from shorter, stealth, “secret edge no one sees”, to longer, bold bright fashion statements. All equally effective.

As a therapist, I offer the tools that give my clients the safest, least challenging routes to the ends they desire. These and other related neurotech are useful resources in my practice toolbox. Supporting the Central Nervous Systems, gives my therapy clients that much more traction in their journeys towards healing.

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Yours in good physical, mental, and emotional health.

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