Anorexia, genetics and EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping)

Recently, an interesting genetic study of anorexics compared to non-anorexics was completed by Dr Cynthia Bulik and a team of researchers from around the world. Published in the journal Nature Genetics, they looked at the genetic differences between almost 17,000 anorexic people compared with 55,000 without anorexia with populations drawn from 17 countries.

The study showed regions in the genome which are different in people with anorexia. The hope expressed was that drugs may be developed which can address the “biology” of the illness. This sounds logical and indeed exciting for those struggling with anorexia or those who love them. The only thing is our genetic makeup is not our template.

Genes are more like the control panels seen at music festivals with all those slider switches controlling every aspect of the experience. We all have genetic pre-dispositions or tendencies for our genes to set themselves in certain ways. Every thought, emotion, belief, life experience, food and family history going back 9-15 generations influences how genes set those switches. The technical term is gene expression.

Since thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect gene expression, it not surprising that in my experience as an Integrative Therapist, advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques and Picture Tapping techniques have shown such power in helping clients with eating challenges recover. This is what allows me the privilege of being able to provide a response warranty to clients; including those with anorexia or other eating disorders.

The use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly known as EFT, Tapping or Energy Psychology allows the conscious and subconscious mind to both realize that no matter how big and powerful a belief is it’s always made up of a bunch of little pieces. With that understanding made, there’s room to begin examining the pieces to figure out the whole story around each. I repeat, every feeling including those around body image is attached to a belief and those core beliefs are laid down in early childhood. Only by collaboration with the grown logical mind, can truth in the current reality be determined and accepted by the powerful subconscious mind. That’s just trying to keep you safe; the best way it “thinks” it knows how.

It’s estimated that 95% of all thoughts, feelings and decisions are largely influenced by the subconscious mind, so It’s no wonder recovery can be such an uphill climb without these tools. For those with anorexia and other eating disorders, the subconscious mind is just trying its best to keep them safe. The best way it thinks it knows how with the tools and beliefs it has to work with at that point. These resources offer a chance to gently and safely bring the conscious and subconscious mind into agreement; one safe little piece at a time.

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Yours in good mental/emotional health.

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