Is there something you can’t get past? Feeling stuck?

Do certain painful memories or experiences constantly live in the background?  Do important plans, projects or goals somehow just not happen? About 10% of your mental horsepower is logical thinking and planning.  The other 90% is your subconscious.  It contains all the invisible programming that that tells you how to see the world and your [Read more…]

How can we affordably improve health care?

Make medicine all about healing rather than maximizing profit. Remove the artificial divide between the drugs and surgery type of medicine and “alternative” medicine. Allow physicians and patients access to what safely works. For example, my work as an Integrative Therapist is so powerful, I offer a warranty program. Imagine if everyone one with anxiety, [Read more…]

Picture Tapping Techniques or PTT. A powerful evolution of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping)

A few years ago, I was exposed to Picture Tapping Techniques during ongoing continuing education in my field. I was profoundly impressed by this marriage of EFT Tapping and Art Therapy and continued on to enrol in all available training and advanced courses. PTT doesn’t replace EFT. It’s just one more resource in my tool [Read more…]

Imaginary Crimes. A common cause of repeated self sabotage

Note: See the helpful hint at the end of this article. Self-sabotage. The art of subconsciously preventing ourselves from reaching the dreams and goals we think we desire. This takes many forms coming from a variety of root causes. One of the most insidious and frustrating is what Dr. Lewis Engel Ph.D and Tom Ferguson [Read more…]