Study confirms changing partners doesn’t change relationship dynamics. Emotional Freedom Techniques can

A recent Canadian study confirms that changing partners doesn’t change the dynamics of new relationships. We feel different because we’re comparing impression of the new relationship to those from the end of the previous. This largely explains why subsequent relationships/marriages have significantly lower success rates on average than the 1st round. But there is hope. [Read more…]

Anorexia, genetics and EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping)

Recently, an interesting genetic study of anorexics compared to non-anorexics was completed by Dr Cynthia Bulik and a team of researchers from around the world. Published in the journal Nature Genetics, they looked at the genetic differences between almost 17,000 anorexic people compared with 55,000 without anorexia with populations drawn from 17 countries. The study [Read more…]

Praising Our Kids

The good, the bad and the ugly. Surprising research show some praise types cause long term harm. Praise: Everyone wants their kids to be happy and self-secure; whether you’re a parent, teacher, relative or friend, we all typically offer praise on a regular basis. There are however two forms of praise which offer radically different [Read more…]

Metabolic Syndrome?

Donating blood may help. Metabolic Syndrome has become a huge problem in America and is the first step on the road to diabetes. According to the 2003-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, about one third of Americans (34%) suffering at that time from this condition, with its serious impacts on heart and other diseases. [Read more…]

Canker Sores?

Check your tooth paste. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a common ingredient in most toothpastes, hand soaps and shampoos. Its the same powerful degreaser used by mechanics to clean engine parts. Its cheap and foams up wonderfully, so people feel like they’re really getting in there with the cleaning. The problem is, it s toxic, [Read more…]

New Hope For Dementia

Its currently expected that about half of the North American population will develop dementia as they age. Although regular vigorous mental and physical activity can delay and possibly halt onset , until recently there was little hope for those currently suffering. Most adults fear losing their mental faculties far more than they fear death, so [Read more…]