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When I first heard about EFT, I was skeptical. I have had anxiety my whole life, and particularly since my daughter was born 6 years ago. I had heard great things about David Gilbert from a number of people, but I was hesitant to give it a try, as I had tried and failed at a number of remedies. Meeting David immediately put my mind at ease. He was open, friendly, and made me feel safe as soon as I sat down in his treatment room. David knows all about his practice and has no problem backing up his methods with abundant research. His explanations were concise and clear, and I learned a great deal about how my mind and anxiety works in our very first session. Although I didn’t know what to expect after our time was up, I felt lighter in my mind right away. My husband commented later that day that he noticed a difference in my mood. Right away I was slower to anger, and I found myself able to deal with things that would normally stress me. Over the last few sessions together, David and I have delved into many of the issues that make up part of my anxiety, and it has become easier every time to release them. I would highly recommend David’s treatment to anyone who suffers as I did; he has truly made a difference in my life.

Jen Wright

I recently read a magazine article written by David Gilbert that really caught my attention. I was extremely stressed and suffered from severe depression. Although I was exercising regularly and eating very well I was unable to make myself well. I made an appointment with David and was quickly impressed by his interest in helping people and obvious passion for his work. David told me that if I did not notice an improvement by the end of the 5 session program he would reimburse the fees. Now, I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical of the concept of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and I felt a little weird performing it, but I went to each of my appointments and with David’s coaching and attentive listening I cannot describe how differently I feel today. I always knew that I suffered from severe depression, but I had no idea of how extremely debilitating the condition was. I have never felt so alive and well (physically, mentally and emotionally). David definitely has a beautiful gift which he shares with passion. He is so knowledgeable and every piece of information he provides he can back up with research results. I definitely encourage anyone who has been struggling with depression and/or any other such malaise to contact him. I feel absolutely AWESOME. I have never smiled so much as I have in the last few weeks. Thank you so much David.

Denise Terris

David is such a superb EFT practitioner. I have worked with many already and David’s experience and demeanour is a step above. We have worked in my fear of public speaking, and right after the session i went to a class in which i had to do a little presentation and my physiology was so different! There had been a big shift after just one session. My heart was beating slower and i could actually be relaxed for the first time in that class, as i talked in front of everyone. David brings his full presence to the sessions everytime, and i always feel the space he creates is very safe for us to explore whatever is “at the top of the pile” for me each time. EFT is such a quick technique too, so i encourage everyone to give it a try, you will be surprised of the effect it will have on you.

Miki Alcalde

If you meet with David, it’s very obvious that he is highly educated in his profession and passionate about helping people heal and become their best self. He creates a comfortable and non-judgmental space for you to be able to explore and challenge your fears and deep rooted thought patterns that may be holding you back, in the most compassionate way. I would very much recommend his services.

Danielle Lithwick

I would highly recommend David to friends and family. He’s patient, he can pin point things that you can’t see at this moment and help you bring them up. He’s excellent at guiding and giving you tools you can take home and continue to use past his services.

Myriam Legault

Such a positive and impressive experience working with David. He’s knowledgeable, passionate and is invested in his clients success.

Emma-Rose Beauchamp
Extremely impressed with David’s services and products – I saw a 75% improvement within less than 48 hours – AMAZING!
Joanne Jordan
I consulted Mr. David Gilbert at EcoSys Wellness Centre last year for a problem that had been nagging me for a long time. I was skeptical about this EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) business. I asked him before booking a session with him whether there was any “science” behind what sounded to me a little like “voodoo quackery”. He showed me a binder of scientific literature, studies and testimonials. I spent 20 minutes glancing through them. I booked an appointment. Then a second appointment… After the 2nd session, the “problem” that had nagged me for 6 years had all but vanished. I was able to move on. I highly recommend Mr. Gilbert & EcoSys if there’s anything you’re having a tough time with, for which other forms of psychological or emotional counseling or therapy hasn’t worked or seems too daunting. You have very little to lose, and freedom to gain.
Robert Nadeau
David has helped me tremendously. My anxiety was unmanageable before I began “tapping”. With E.F.T., I’m more functional, happy, and comfortable inside myself. I sincerely regret not discovering this technique sooner.Thanks, David.
Arthur Manson
I have been working with David for several years and he is amazing. He has helped me see my thought patterns with his EFT and coaching. I am an intuitive healer and work with clients to give them insight from spirit. Where David has helped me was to understand more of what I needed to do for myself. A good coach should always have a good coach as they will see something that we cannot see ourselves. His knowledge about the functions of how the brain works with intuition was the reason I turned to David’s approach. I am so grateful for his ability to ask just the right questions. Thank you David for being there for me.
Tony Gyenis
I have experienced the audio/visual brain entertainment and hemispheric integration, which was very relaxing and perfect to do before a session using EFT (emotional freedom technique). EFT is unique in the treatment of anxiety and depression. It brought out deep and strong feelings that were difficult to face at times. I truly enjoyed spending time with David. He is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. I would not hesitate recommending his services to friends and family.
Chantal Goneau

David is highly knowledgeable. Every time I meet with David he teaches me something new about the body, and is always referencing studies he’s been reading. When I go to see him I feel safe because I know David is up to date with health-related issues, and knows how to treat various disorders and symptoms. He introduced me to an edible organic anti-inflammatory that works immediately after it’s application, which I was able to give to my grandmother who suffers from arthritis. She went from not being able to climb the stairs well to almost running up and down them!

I highly recommend David if you are dealing with an array of issues, such as: anxiety, physical pain, sleep disorders, high emotions, and more. David is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and is willing to share all he knows if it means making others feel their best.

Roxanne Brisson
David is an incredible listener who takes the time to get to know you and then works with you to provide a solution to your situation. He’s very knowledgeable about his profession and he truly does care about helping people which shines through in his approach. I would highly recommend his services to anyone
Tyler Shaver
I met David over a year ago. David brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, from the Pulse Magnetic Resonance machines, to the supplements, he certainly knows his stuff. David also practices something called EFT which can benefit some emotional issues as well. Be sure to check this guy out.
John Schultz
Mr. David Gilbert came to my medical clinic six years ago and saw over 40 patients all day long for eight days at no cost to me or my clients. He worked with a variety of medical concerns using only the MRS2000MED device (now iMRS professional), audio/visual binaural brain entrainment/hemispheric integration equipment, an OTC supplement called “Equilib,” and a magnesium salt. The conditions he addressed varied from chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, PTSD and muscle and joint pains to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The results he obtained were nothing short of remarkable. My clients were so impressed with their progress that they wanted him to treat their family and friends as well, which he readily agreed to do. The sessions generally lasted from eight to thirty-two minutes, and improvement was seen in as quickly as just one or two treatments. One patient with severe depression, an otherwise very successful attorney who had not responded to conventional prescription anti-depressive agents, says the MRS2000MED plus the Equilib saved his life. He even purchased the MRS2000 to continue his treatments at home. Another client, who had difficulty focusing, had similar results, and he too also purchased a device. There were almost no clients out of the 40 or so that consulted with Mr. Gilbert that week who did not show significant evidence of benefit from their therapy. They all appreciated his warmth, caring, knowledge and skills. I too was so convinced of the value of the combined treatment using the MRS 2000 plus the Equilib nutritional supplement that I also purchased this amazing device and have used it with great success with my own patients for many years. I give Mr. Gilbert and his healing modalities my highest recommendation.
Alan Schwartz, M.D. (retired)
I am a violinist, pianist and writer suffering from a sore and swollen forefinger joint. On the first week in February, I went to David Gilbert for three sessions of Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. My finger is back to normal now and I have noticed other beneficial effects: increased social ease, energy and feeling of wellbeing. I am more relaxed, am coping with stress better and am able spend longer hours playing music. I am grateful for this help.
Georgie, Ottawa
When I first went to see David, I could hardly leave my house or socialize at all due to my debilitating depression and anxiety. After seeing numerous psychologists, psychiatrists, and various other doctors throughout the years (I myself am a research psychologist), David was the only person who was able to help me feel like myself again (without medication) and who made me realize that I am one of the MANY people who have nutritional deficiencies that were causing my chronic health problems (subsequent testing confirmed this). As well, his vast knowledge of EFT, Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, Brain Entrainment and understanding of these issues made me feel confident in his guidance, and his empathy made me feel supported and that he truly cared about me getting better. Since I have been on the road to healing with the help of David, I have referred a number of my family and friends to see him and I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone who is dealing with ongoing mental and/or physical health issues.
Amy, PhD
I have to admit that when I first met David Gilbert and heard what he did, I was skeptical. I had never heard of EFT. This promised to short-circuit counselling and other forms of therapy through self-applied techniques. It sounded too good to be true (and we all know what that means…). “Where’s the science?” I asked him. He produced a large binder full of studies and reports. I glanced through them long enough to get the impression that there might be something here… So I agreed to take a session with him. Then another. A lawyer by profession, I am skeptical. I needed the evidence. What better way of testing the claims than to jump feet first into the program. The results spoke for themselves. I had the evidence I needed. Enough, indeed, to provide this testimonial for David Gilbert and EcoSys Holistic Wellness Center. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, except what is emotionally holding you back from moving forward with your life.
Robert N.
A 64 year old lady named Dale developed a mountain of problems a year ago. The first being a loss of appetite. I couldn’t eat anything and the smell of food made me sick. I lost 20 pounds in 3-4 weeks. I couldn’t even do my grocery shopping the air inside the store was so bad I couldn’t breathe. There were too many people, the aisles were so narrow I felt very closed in. My blood pressure was going up and down. When I was stressed it was very high. The doctors didn’t want to put me on medication in case it went too low. The thing that happened to me the most often was that I was alone in the evening while my husband was at work and I would have an anxiety attack and have to call an ambulance once or twice a week. I’d call my husband to meet me at the hospital and he would have to leave work right in the middle of his shift to come to the hospital. Many nights I would wake up from sleeping in the wee hours of the morning having an attack and not be able to go back to bed. I would wake my husband up to sit with me. I used to love going for walks, driving my car, reading and loved being around people. I couldn’t do any of these things anymore. It was rare I left the house. I didn’t shower, wash my hair or change my clothes. I couldn’t care less how I looked. I didn’t even want my family around me. I wanted to be alone. I’ve had many tests done by the doctors. One was an MRI which I had to take 3 Ativan to do it. My results were normal, just the same as with many other tests were. I was so depressed no one could find anything wrong with me. To all you people out there who feel like I felt and are not sure about holistic medicine, give it a chance. It was my last hope and resort. My husband didn’t believe in it before, but he does now, as David is also helping him with his asthma and macular degeneration with very good results. I also have my appetite back, my blood pressure is normal and since seeing David I haven’t had to call the ambulance once. If you ask my husband how I’m doing he would answer 100% improvement. He says he’s happy I’m back to the old me I was years ago. Thank you David for giving me back my life.
Dale, Ottawa, ON
We find Mr. Gilbert’s depth of experience and knowledge with wellness to be second to none. His ability to troubleshoot health care issues, especially stubborn, difficult maladies is a perfect definition of ‘skilled and proficient’. We have found his dedication and applications impressive to say the least.
WeFit Andrew/Tierney / Nautilus Body Clinic