Gluten free diet and heavy metals. What you need to know.

I’ve long recommended that clients with Celiac Disease or any other inflammatory bowel conditions make their own food from scratch so they have control over what goes into their bodies.   A recent study funded by the NIH and published in the February edition of the journal “Epidemiology” reinforces that suggestion.

In this study titled “The Unintended Consequences of a Gluten-Free Diet”, researchers found that those study participants who self-reported being on a gluten free diet had significantly higher blood levels of arsenic than others. They theorize the primary difference between the gluten free and the control group is the amount of rice consumed; particularly in pre-packaged products.  Rice is known to bio-accumulate both arsenic and mercury; two known neurotoxins.

The researchers did not detect increased blood levels of mercury which sounds like good news. Unfortunately however, mercury only shows up in blood tests if it’s been a recent substantial exposure.   Other very disturbing animal research studies added methyl mercury which is claimed to be a safer form to the animals’ diets.    They found the mercury rapidly cleared from the blood but did not then show up in feces, urine, sweat or saliva.    In other words it rapidly went from the blood stream to long term storage in body tissues including the brain.

When we cook food from scratch there is an enormous range of food stuffs which are nutrient dense, loaded with anti-oxidants and other beneficial compounds and contain no gluten.   Once clients gain a little experience, they find making healthy tasty snacks and meals without either gluten or significant amounts of rice to be quick, easy and much less expensive than purchasing pre-made.

For those wishing to reduce their body’s aluminum load, magnesium malate is one of the few substances which can safely chelate aluminum from tissues.   It’s available quite inexpensively from and other sources.   Another method I’ve personally successfully added to control inflammation, synergistically support normalization of liver and kidney detoxification pathways and help chelate mercury is called Core; see or contact me for further information.   In the case of Core, should a client not respond well enough, they have 30 days to claim a full refund on the product cost.   As always, when starting anything new, start small and increase gradually as tolerated.  If experiencing diarrhea or other stomach upset I would immediately reduce the dose or if needed, discontinue.  However, it’s been rare for my clients to report any difficulty at all.

Please note: According to Rain Intl’s technical support staff, they’ve tested batches of Core and found them to be gluten free.  They will not however be able to certify Core gluten free until later in 2017.  If testing it, start with a tiny amount and increase a little each day as tolerated to 1-2 pouches/day as needed.


Author: David E P Gilbert. David is an Integrative Therapist at ECOSYS Wellness Center in Ottawa ON. Canada. Being trained in a number of modalities including Emotional Freedom Techniques and a range of anti-inflammatory nutrient protocols he works with clients both in-office and via phone or video cam across North America. For most situations and care options he provides clients with a money back guarantee. He may be reached @ 613-747-5458, 800-361-1370, or


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