Is there something you can’t get past? Feeling stuck?

Do certain painful memories or experiences constantly live in the background?  Do important plans, projects or goals somehow just not happen?

About 10% of your mental horsepower is logical thinking and planning.  The other 90% is your subconscious.  It contains all the invisible programming that that tells you how to see the world and your place in it.  Since as a young child, everyone around you influenced the development of your core beliefs, sometimes it gets messy.

Your subconscious mind’s first job is to keep you safe the best way it thinks it know how.  But most core beliefs are formed during your early years. Later experiences are all seen through those lenses.  As a young child touching a hot stove, your subconscious learns “hot stove hurts. Don’t touch”.  Or, it might conclude “kitchen hurts,” and from then on, send stress signals about kitchens.  These partially misunderstood or no longer true core beliefs profoundly affect your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Trying to do anything the subconscious doesn’t feel is completely safe is a struggle because it’s determined to protect you from moves it thinks might hurt.  It’s tough to overcome this because your subconscious really wants to keep you safe, knows where all the invisible buttons are and doesn’t hesitate to use them.  The more stressed you feel, the more your subconscious with all that programming, becomes your autopilot.

By using advanced EFT methods, we can safely and gently start a collaboration between your conscious and subconscious mind; using feelings as language.  Every feeling is attached to a belief; true, untrue, or partially true.  While using specific language, drawings and a series of acupressure points, we can safely piece by piece, bring these buried core beliefs into the light of day.  There to be reassessed in the here and now while you’re in a safe environment, then reconsolidated as brand-new programming. You’re literally reprocessing and replacing old underlying programs that no longer fit. This can happen remarkably quickly and surprisingly painlessly. Even for those who haven’t responded well after many years of conventional therapy.

In your brain, every thought, memory or experience, goes first to the amygdala which determines the emotional context; neutral, happy, bad etc.  It then passes this on to the rest of the brain.  With repeat memories or those seeming related to a previous similar one, the amygdala automatically reconsolidates that same emotional charge and passes it on.

Using language or drawings to connect to troublesome feelings/memories, then tapping on specific acupressure points, sends an electrical signal to the amygdala along with that chosen issue.  Seeing this as a new experience, it re-assesses the appropriate emotional response in the here and now. This is repeated until all the negative emotional charge around that issue is gone. Allowing your subconscious to step by step choose the next memories and feelings to come up, keeps it feeling safe and willing to remain engaged.  You’re not forcing belief changes. You’re allowing your entire being to collaborate in safely setting you free from the tyranny of old beliefs that keep you stuck and don’t keep you safe.

Yours in good emotional health.

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