Not all calories are created equal

Being in the holistic health field, this is a little embarrassing. Like many, I need to watch what I eat to avoid becoming overweight and keep a general idea of how much I ve eaten each day in the back of my mind.

A few days ago I made the classic mistake of going to the grocery store while hungry. An excellent brand of ice cream was on special and on an impulse, I purchased a liter. Being a hot day and hungry, I d soon eaten it all. I rationalized that there were only 1200 calories in the entire container. An adult male needs about 2500 calories/ day and I take supplements such as Equilib, DigestPlus, Omega 3s and Astaxanthin, so I would eat less for the rest of the day and be OK. Right?

Not so fast Gilbert . Supplements are not a magic shield which replaces good food. Every process which goes on in the body is powered by what we eat . Supplements are there only to help compensate for environmental stressors and the serious damage we ve done to our food chain. The bot tom line was that although I hadnt exceeded my daily caloric requirements, 1) I took a huge hit of sugar and high fructose corn syrup (from gene modified corn) with its attendant effects on my insulin sensitivity, 2) because the body requires virtually no energy to process sugar, the effective calorie load was much higher 3) Because this all hit my bloodstream in a rush, my body couldnt use gradually released calories. Much if it would have been stored in fat cells and 4) Perhaps most importantly, by replacing 1200 calories of my diet with nutritionally useless empty calories, I robbed my body of much needed proteins, healthy metabolically useful fats such as coconut , olive, walnut and grape seed oils and all the other necessary nutrients.

As a one shot deal, this left me with no lasting damage, but when most of the North American diet has so little nutrient density day after day, It shouldnt be a surprise that sleep disorders, physical, mental and emotional issues and diseases have become literally epidemic.

The immensely powerful transnational agricultural industry works tirelessly to persuade us that wheat , corn and potato products are the foundations of our diet and sugars/corn syrup are harmless. They re not . In fact the infamous USDA food pyramid and more recent food plate have no basis in medical research. They are purely marketing materials for Big Agra. Totally aside from the issue that virtually all non organic potatoes and corn are gene modified, the fact is that our bodies and brains critically need a vast array of minerals, phytochemicals, proteins, biologically beneficial fats and oils to function properly.

If wishing to live well, start looking at every meal and snack through this lens. Am I providing my body with nutrient dense fuel, or am I stealing my own health and future by replacing what I need with empty calories?

The USDA, Agri-business, food industry and FDA are all heavily influenced by corporations overarching mandate. Derive the greatest profit at the least cost . Only you really care about your health and future. With every bite, you make a choice. Build your health or tear it down.

Yours in good health.

David Gilbert
EcoSys Wellness Center

The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your physician before making changes.