Osteo Arthritis. Not just wear and tear

Osteo Arthritis is typically considered to be a wear and tear condition, but as with most human biology, the truth is much more complex. This is good news. If outside factors trigger or exacerbate osteo arthritis, controlling for those factors can minimize symptoms and/or risk.

A study out of the University of Edinburgh in the U.K. demonstrates this principle quite clearly. Researchers performed a double blind placebo controlled study of patients scheduled for knee replacement. 50% received a tablespoon of high potency cod liver oil each day and the remainder received a placebo. As the original knees were removed, they were analyzed for enzymatic markers indicating pain and inflammation. The results were striking. Markers for both pain and inflammation were significantly reduced in the active group compared to the placebo group. In their published research, they indicated their belief that even this single measure could significantly reduce the incidence of knee replacements. Since joints can normally only be replaced twice, are sometime faulty and have a very limited lifespan, delaying or preventing the need is critically important for long term health and quality of life.

Other research has demonstrated that some are sensitive to the Nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes and peppers). Proteins in these vegetables have an affinity for joints and since many suffer some degree of leaky gut syndrome, a percentage of these foreign proteins pass undigested into the blood stream and bond to joint tissues. The immune system then at tacks the foreign proteins and inadvertently causes collateral damage to the tough but delicate cartilage lining the ball and socket of each joint. Milk and gluten too, can wreak havoc on the joints of those who are sensitive.

Given the role of inflammation in Osteo Arthritis, there are approaches which may bring significant improvement or relief. 1) Use nutrient agents which many have reported to be effective in reducing inflammation and/or helping heal leaky gut syndrome, such as curcumin, Omega 3s, the Equilib nutrient and enzyme protocol and Arthrimend. 2) Test strictly eliminating suspect foods for at least three weeks to see if symptoms improve. This means carefully examining all mixed herbs, spices and prepared foods for eliminated substances. 3) Start doing consistent gent le but regular exercises and work up to full range of motion for joints. This is beneficial for two reasons a) muscles should be taking up most of the strain on joints, so weak muscles = increased risk of joint pain and/or injury b)When joints are taken through their full range of motion, it stimulates synovial fluid product ion. This is the natural lubricant for all joints and adequate product ion is critical to minimizing wear to the cartilage which allows joints to move smoothly.

Here in my office, clients have frequently reported that combining the use of very low energy, very low frequency Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation sessions with a sophisticated nutrient protocol has brought about dramatic relief of pain, swelling and stiffness. There is no discomfort involved and the results have typically been powerful. I work on a money back guarantee basis for most arthritis cases and once response had been confirmed, clients may rent equipment for use at home for a modest fee. To listen to Dr Carmichael s discussion with me about Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, see;

One final word for Caucasian men and post menopausal women: Should you begin to experience unexplained hip pain and/or pain in the end knuckles of your middle three fingers, request your physician to order a serum ferritin test. If this blood test shows elevated ferritin levels, you may have Hemochromatosis (one of the most common genetic errors seen in Caucasians) . I f left untreated, the ongoing accumulation of iron will have serious brain/ body health effects including substantially increased risk of liver cancer and dementia. For many, simply donating blood regularly will keep iron levels in the optimum range and helps save lives.

I personally use all of the above tools to excellent effect.

Yours in good health.

David Gilbert
EcoSys Wellness Center

The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your physician before making changes.