Painful belly button to pubis cramps? WTH?

This probably comes under the heading of too much information, but for some who suffer, this article may be a god-send. The things I do for science.

For decades I periodically and suddenly would experience an intense, sharp pulling pain from belly button to pubis; usually, but not always when urinating.  It was like a wire suddenly winched tight, painfully doubling me over and unable to stand straight until it finally passed. Really embarrassing when happening at a public facility.

My doctors had never heard of such a thing and had no suggestions. I just put up with it, assuming I was the only weirdo with this bizarre and painful condition. Recently I came across an internet thread of people desperately seeking help for the same issue.  Hence this article; and how I was able to obtain relief.

As funded programs administrator at the time for a sophisticated nutrient protocol supporting those with a broad range of mental and/or physical challenges, I participated myself. This was nearly twenty years ago and very difficult life situations had left me with frequent muscle cramps, high stress and IBS. Interestingly, not only did these fade away, so too did the periodic painfully irresistible pulling sensations. This leads me to believe it’s actually a cramp or spasm running from belly button to pubis in both men and women.  Symptoms seem to be virtually identical in both sexes regardless of age.

Serendipitously, one funded program I was running at the time was “treatment resistant muscle cramps”. Almost all these participants reported complete relief.  Because of my deep history with the company prior to my private practice, the CEO of EvinceNaturals has agreed to allow a money back guarantee for my clients dealing with muscle cramp challenges; including the above.  For some, these “belly button cramps” may be just a strange but minor annoyance. Others with more severe symptoms are welcome to contact me for further information.

Full disclosure: Although no longer a part of EvinceNaturals’ research team, they will pay me a small fee only for those I work with who respond well and won’t need a refund.

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