Something real for veterans

As I sit comfortably at my desk today I find myself thinking of those who put themselves in harms way for us. Far too many veterans who’ve returned home in body find their minds never really made it back; they’re trapped in the past. They and their families find themselves dealing everyday with the omnipresent reality of PTSD. Sadly, many have found the current treatments available through military health services in Canada and the U.S. to be of little effect and in fact a recent study indicated that the effect of benzodiazapines was to preferentially reinforce traumatic memories.

In recognition of the price paid by so many along with their families I volunteer to provide $250.00 worth of Emotional Freedom Technique sessions at no cost to veterans and where needed, their partners.

This program is initially for those in the Greater Ottawa Ontario region, but once I’ve helped those who are local I’m willing to assist those across North America as I’m able. If from farther afield in Canada or the U.S. please do contact me to be added to the schedule. Fortunately working with EFT via video cam is little different than being together in person. EFT is a tool for self healing; once learned, you have the use of it for life.

For those who are feeling hopeless and helpless, reading about a recent study in U.S. servicemen suffering PTSD may offer reason to reach out. Researchers tracking long term results found 80% of participants still no longer suffered PTSD a full year after participating in a course of EFT sessions.

To all veterans, thank you for what you’ve put on the line.

For further information on EFT please see . I can be reached via email @ or by phone @ 613-747-5458 or toll free 800-361-1370.

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