Treatment Resistant Iron Deficient Anemia

Over the past decade, Ive had a number of women with treatment resistant anemia report that their anemia went into remission while using the Equilib Nutrient Protocol. This has been more than a little puzzling, since the iron levels in Equilib are quite modest and they reported they hadnt responded to high doses of iron from their physicians.

Some years ago I read an article submitted by a physician to the Parkhurst Exchange (if I remember correctly), which for the first time gave a possible explanation for this conundrum. His theory was to the effect that in many cases, the body deliberately puts the brakes on by limiting iron uptake to slow things down as a way of dealing with metabolic challenges. He felt that if this is so, giving large amount of iron without identifying the underlying issues might not be ideal. At last, a possible explanation for Equilibs surprising reported effects on anemia. Hundreds of Equilib participants have claimed that their underlying inflammatory or autoimmune conditions ranging from bleeding gums to eczema to IBS/ colitis, were markedly improved or in remission, so a similar mechanism may be at play.

I do not sell Equilib, nor do I receive a commission. It must be ordered from the U.S. According to 1997 CDC figures in the U.S. were Nine percent of toddlers aged 1 to 2 years and 9% to 11% of adolescent girls and women of childbearing age were iron deficient; of these, iron deficiency anemia was found in 3% and 2% to 5%, respectively. These prevalences correspond to approximately 700,000 toddlers and 7.8 million women with iron deficiency; of these, approximately 240,000 toddlers and 3.3 million women have iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficient anemia symptoms can include fatigue, dizziness, frequent infections, brittle nails, craving for non food items (Pica) , Rest less Leg Syndrome, swollen or sore tongue and pale nail beds and/ or gums. In infants and children it can manifest as behavioral problems and/ or slowed growth and development. Some years ago an interesting study also showed that low iron status was correlated with difficulty learning mathematics. If you suspect you may have iron deficient anemia, your physician can easily determine if this is so by a simple blood test.

What can I do?

Given the reported results to date, those diagnosed with iron deficient anemia who have not responded well to iron supplementation, may apply to participate in the American Equilib Protocol. I f they do not show a clear response within 10 weeks, their purchase price will be refunded by the manufacturer; conditional on compliance and participating in weekly support via toll free call.

Yours in good health.

David Gilbert
EcoSys Wellness Center

The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your physician before making changes.