How I can help

Mind and Body Wellness

An integrative, approach for supporting overall health. How we feel—physically, emotionally, and mentally—is influenced by a multitude of factors that go far beyond diet, exercise, age and heredity. Our past experiences, memories, reactions to stress, our image of ourselves, how our bodies react to stimuli or process nutrients—all contribute to our overall health and Happiness.

I Listen

During your initial appointment, you will have as much time as you need to discuss your physical, mental, and emotional issues.

You are more than your illness or condition

Unfortunately, most physicians address single aspects of health. Treating symptoms rather than root causes. For example, most inflammatory conditions are greatly exacerbated—even caused entirely—by how our minds and bodies react to stress. Change that reaction and you may create profound changes in well-being.

Helping you move toward the life you desire

My mission is to use the discoveries, techniques, and technologies of brilliant researchers to allow those suffering from an array of physical, emotional, sleep and pain issues to regain quality of life by giving their minds and bodies the tools and resources to restore more normal functioning..


My approach is to work collaboratively with your primary care physician should you give permission, because a team approach is the ideal way to provide overall care and support.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and related “Tapping” techniques.

With over 400 published studies, EFT is a powerful tool to address the emotional impact of memories, events, and harmful core beliefs. It is often used to address issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, grief, chronic guilt feelings, phobias, and compulsions.


Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

This advanced Swiss technology uses a Health Canada–registered class 2 medical device to assist your body’s ability to naturally repair and heal cells. Providing support for blood-oxygen capacity and circulation of blood and lymphatic systems, it can be used for circulatory issues (e.g., Renaud’s disease, diabetic ulcers, cold hands/feet) as well as bone pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and insomnia.


Rain International Nutrient Program*

This powerful, non-toxic anti-inflammatory and detoxification program is designed to support a return to normal cellular functioning. (No-risk guarantee: Purchase costs fully refunded if substantial relief is not experienced within 14 days.) Ideal for conditions related to inflammation in the brain or body such as arthritis, intestinal problems (irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease), asthma, COPD/emphysema and eczema. Also highly recommended for anxiety, ADD, insomnia and short-term memory problems. The program’s strong support for normalizing blood sugar has been beneficial for many with pre-diabetes or type two diabetes.

Audio/Visual Brain Entrainment and Hemispheric Integration

Similar to the effects of biofeedback techniques, this is a neuroscience approach to dealing with conditions such as ADD, anxiety and insomnia. How it works: Our brains are composed largely of cells called neurons that communicate through electro-chemical activity. This therapy uses specialized sound and light patterns to help the brain’s left and right hemispheres learn to communicate more effectively. It is also designed to gently assist the brain in learning to produce brainwaves in frequencies that are appropriate for different time-of-day alertness levels.

Discover the benefits of integrative therapy

Call today to book an initial consult at 613-747-5458, or send an email to and discover what a more integrated approach to wellness can do.

*Located outside of Ottawa Gatineau?

For EFT and the Rain Nutrient program, we offer “face-to-face” remote consultations using Zoom, a free video-conferencing tool. (Note: Requires a computer with Internet access that is equipped with a webcam, speakers and microphone.)