Depression. Healing the root causes

Self compassion. Why we need it. How to find it.

What is an Integrative Therapist

Advanced EFT

5 Minute Daily Energy Medicine routine

30 Seconds Setup for EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping Points and how to use them

EFT Tapping. How to find the “right” words.

Taking back the power from anxiety and panic attacks

A simple at home EFT Tapping technique for physical pain

EFT Tapping and self sabotage. Imaginary Crimes

Harnessing the power of

Learning to breathe.
The surprising science behind breathing for stress reduction, focus and physical stamina.

Mind/Body connection.
Recovery from Post Covid vaccine pain and fear with EFT (Tapping).

Reining in The Galloping What Ifs

Interview on integrative approaches to mental, emotional and physical health

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Ben Dionne about integrative approaches to physical, mental and emotional well being. I hope you enjoy it. Ben is a gifted interviewer, photographer and videographer with a keen interest in health issues; particularly mental health.