Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Also showcased on The Dr. Oz Show recently for pain. Please see the websites listed at the bottom for further research and information on the iMRS, iSLRS and the general field of Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. Healthcare professionals who’ve chosen to use these tools in their practice have reported that it’s been of enormous benefit to patients. Full training and ongoing support for this equipment are provided by myself. This is the equipment Professor Jerry Bobo M.D., Psychoneuroimmunologist, reported seeing such fascinating results with for depression and sleep (lecture for EMedicineU August 2010). See here for Dr. Carmichael’s interview with me. The nutrient protocol referred to is the Equilib Protocol. Dr. Carmichael was the Medical Director of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine.

Since Dec. 2007, I’ve typically seen a speed and degree of response to this equipment which has been hard to believe. Pulsed Magnet Resonance Stimulation works on a number of levels according to the great number of studies published over the past fifty years.

1) The intracellular scaffolding of all mammalian cells have proven essentially to be batteries; positively charged on the outside of the membrane and negatively on the inside. As cells moves through the earth’s low-frequency, low-energy magnetic field (20-70 micro Tesla @ 0.5-35 Hz), the electrical current produced provides the essential electrical potential to maintain life. In studies of university volunteers, those placed in a Mu steel shielded room to isolate them from the earth’s magnetic fields and resonance experienced profound sadness within 45 minutes.
2) The Mediconsult pulsed electromagnetic fields allow the body to quickly neutralize free radicals involved in inflammatory conditions.
3) The reversing polarity fields of the Mediconsult MRS 2000 and iMRS (every two minutes) have a normalizing effect on both the stimulatory or sympathetic and inhibitory or parasympathetic nervous systems, as well as having clinically proven profound effects on oxygen utilization, mitochondrial function, blood and lymph circulation.
4) It is now known that every cell has numerous structures which act as antennae. At the appropriate frequencies, they resonate and transfer electrical energy to the cell. A vast amount of research on organic chemistry goes on around the world, but the electrochemical fields which are critical in protein-shaping, calcium/magnesium regulation and a vast number of other cellular processes have received short shrift, relatively speaking, and the numerous studies largely ignored. This despite the fact so many robust and reproducible studies have shown the urgent importance of this field of research.
5) The Heart Rate Variability biofeedback capability of the 4th generation iMRS has been particularly useful, since the equipment automatically optimizes intensity levels every 30 seconds based on the body’s responses. This has significantly improved the speed of response in many. In my own case, most sleep, mood, pain and inflammatory conditions are covered by a response warranty program. If clients do not receive substantial benefit, fees are reimbursed.
6) Since the late seventies, Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation has been approved by the FDA for non-healing bone fractures. In The EU and Switzerland, the Mediconsult Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Equipment has been a registered medical device for nearly twenty years.
7) Because the MRS2000MED and iMRS are electron donors, they quickly allow for neutralization of free radicals and lactic acid buildup as well as having an alkalizing effect on the whole body. This likely accounts for the dramatic and speedy effects I’ve seen when used immediately on heat burns.

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger has stated that his work with these resonant fields over the past 30 years has shown conclusively that adding an appropriate nutrient protocol profoundly influences the outcome. When you’re repairing a house, you need the materials on hand.

The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your physician before making changes.