Loss of Short Term Memory?

Brain Fog?

Over the past decade Ive lost count of the number of forty something women who were complaining that their short term memory was going. They were developing brain fog, irritability and losing their physical stamina as well. One brilliant and accomplished woman who came to me felt she could power through the memory and irritability problems, but her loss of physical stamina was such that she was afraid she couldnt do her beloved bike tours anymore.

Of course there are things anyone can do to help minimize these symptoms in the first place. Daily meditation reduces the metabolic demands on the body, adequate physical exercise helps normalize gene expression; there are over fifty different genes which dont express properly without enough physical exercise. Eating a well balanced nutrient dense diet with some protein each meal and without much in the way of refined carbohydrates and particularly fructose, helps provide essential nutrients and getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night is highly beneficial as well as improving productivity and performance.

All the above will help support ongoing physical and mental health, but sometimes they’re not enough. Fortunately, most of my clients have reported that simply normalizing the cell membrane and mitochondrial electrical charges (potential) and adding a sophisticated nutrient protocol has allowed them to return to normal functioning again. The short term memory returned, the brain fog and hyper irritability stopped or greatly diminished and their physical stamina returned.

When the above issues were accompanied by high anxiety/stress, many found that having a few audio/ visual brain entrainment sessions to shepherd the brain into time of day appropriate arousal states and improve hemispheric integration, to be highly beneficial.

Yours in good health.

David Gilbert
EcoSys Wellness Center

The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your physician before making changes.