How can we affordably improve health care?

Make medicine all about healing rather than maximizing profit. Remove the artificial divide between the drugs and surgery type of medicine and “alternative” medicine. Allow physicians and patients access to what safely works. For example, my work as an Integrative Therapist is so powerful, I offer a warranty program.

Imagine if everyone one with anxiety, depression, post concussion syndrome, PTSD, autism, trauma, grief, anger issues, self sabotage and stress related bowel diseases could access these types of programs. Imagine if insurance companies and governments only covered what worked each time. Ineffective drugs, techniques and quacks would quickly get weeded. They’d no longer be economically viable. The savings in these chronic conditions alone would be massive.

You’d think insurance companies would be excited about this concept but insurance companies work on a cost-plus basis. If you cut costs in half, my understanding is that although you haven’t changed their profit margin, you’ve drastically cut total profits; a huge no-no.

In the current system, political organizations can’t afford to alienate companies funding their campaigns at the federal, provincial and state levels. As long as patients/clients are simply considered economic units, little will change.

Treating “disease” states is a wonderful cash cow. Allowing patients/clients to actually recover is a whole different economic model.

I’m not remotely advocating for a Wild West approach, but opening the doors to responsible sharing of safe, cost effective options for physicians and their patients seems a logical place to start.

I’m happy to speak with any politician or party who chooses to explain to me why I’m wrong.

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