Stress reduction and self calming techniques pt 2

The Center For Disease Controls (CDC) states that ninety percent of all disease has its roots in stress. This technique and the posts to follow offer simple tools anyone can do to help calm the sympathetic or “fight, flight or freeze” nervous system. Having this part of the central nervous activated full on, can be life saving in an emergency. When it’s continually reacting, the long term consequences are serious and can be deadly.

Breast plate circles. Using pointer and middle fingers, slowly and gently draw circles on both sides of your upper chest. No need to press hard. Try drawing circles one way, then the other to see which feels best. If starting to feel stressed around others, do this with just one hand. They’ll assume you’re pondering their every word and won’t think to question it.

Those desiring more substantive assistance may call or email to discuss next steps.

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