Stress reduction tools pt 1:

When stressed, blood flow begins to be diverted from the logical, planning, prefrontal cortex part of the brain. It’s sent instead to survival mode areas. Now we feel further loss of ability to deal with life at that moment and stress ramps up even higher. This is excellent when in real danger of physical attack or other injury. However, in normal day to day life this state’s really hard on every part of the system.

To help reverse this process, gently place your thumbs near the front of your temples. Place the pointer and middle fingers of both hands on the middle of your forehead about a third and two thirds of the way up your forehead. Now repeatedly slowly and lightly draw the fingers across the forehead towards the temples. This helps bring blood flow back to the prefrontal cortex behind the forehead and helps calm the stress response. Try it today. You have nothing to lose but some feelings of stress.

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